A question of colour tone – or is it?

In Twitter recently there was a chain of ‘tweets’ about what to call people of ‘colour’. I mean – as a black woman, I say, I am black not yellow, green, orange etc. …Beautiful and bright that these colours are.

And talking about colour, one white woman who was married to a middle-eastern man clarified to me “My husband isn’t black, he’s brown”. I couldn’t understand that…

In another conversation, a colleague of mine said “I don’t see colour”. I think this admirable but at the same time why don’t you see colour? Because when we do not see colour, we miss out on the range, the richness and the diversity. Just because you see colour does not mean you have something against it – and when you see colour you can also be aware of those who see colour negatively.

Example: I was with a few work colleagues after a conference in Sydney and after leaving a bar at closing time, we looked for another bar. One and only few bars which was still open had a bouncer at the door – and rightly so. We were all talking and laughing and he asked us how much we had had to drink. I said “A few…we are in the happy place”. He allowed my 3 other white colleagues in and refused me (the smallest, petite black woman). Now my colleagues who do not see colour, went in and left me outside to do whatever.

If anything I was the least drunk. But it was not about that. None of my non-racist colleagues (my boss and 2 team mates) picked up on the bouncer’s racism. Perhaps if they had seen colour and how others react to it?

What are your thoughts?