Honour your women.

“Women are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until they’re in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

When I thought about this quote – I was almost overwhelmed by all the thoughts, memories and stories that came to mind of women in hot water showing their strength, courage, resolve, determination, inner power, love, care and ‘warmth’.

The women I would like to honour in this post: my grandmother May – formidable! My mother Nicole, as my brother explained to me…”she rules with her heart”. My sister Nina, R.I.P. you were never meant to be long for this world. My sister Nat…we were kidnapped together, they hurt you, they tried to damage you for life, we survived the ordeal but I remember what they did to you – you clawed your way out of that darkness, you saved others and you will always be my hero… DB

If you want to honour women you know who were dipped in “hot water” put it here…


  1. Hiru Jayatunge

    No doubt at the top of my list is my mom. So brave, courageous and strong! Since my dad died when I was very small, she always showed us how strong she was which inspired me to overwhelm all the hot water in my life with my strength. Then all the gorgeous and fabulous women in my life; the sisters and the girlfriends, they all have an inspiring story to tell. They help me grow. They are authentic, very kind and compassionate, always there for you, super smart, keep their heads above the water, stand up with their chin up each time they breakdown and always a positive influence in my life. They cry and laugh with me. OMG I am super rich!

  2. Belinda Bordero


  3. Belinda Bordero

    Grandma ,You simply the Best .
    Nina my Beautiful little sister.Gone too Soon ,I’m so thankful to have able to tell you how much I Loved you .
    Desiree ,Nat It has taken me almost 50 years and the loss of one of us to realise thé meaning of this word « sisters »
    We never had a chance to créate this Link.but as fact It’s what we are ..
    We are Free now it can be all about Des,Nat ,Nina and Ben .the story of 4 ordinaires sisters on Earth?
    And Aunty B you are now the baobab of the family.The one who is trying hardly everyday of your life to keep this family together.that’s your impossible mission and I m very respectful forWhat you are doing.
    Thank you For always Beeing there for all of us.

  4. Farah

    So many. My women ancestors, who fought the French occupation of their villages. My grandmother who looked after 5 children in the middle of a civil war, in a half-built house with no doors. My mother for realising her dreams at age 50, graduating from university, and for now helping so many others in difficult circumstances reclaim control and narrative over their lives. Women who have mentored me like Jill, and women like you, Desiree, who support and make space for other women to push through the barriers – racial, gender and otherwise – to realise their dreams.