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9 people – 9 voices – 9 experiences:

What changes the Corona virus has had at home, at work, with their families, their lifestyles, their angst and their lessons.


Run Desi Run:

Follows the adventures of a 52-year-old who starts running one day and in less than a year signs up for her first marathon. The story-telling style is a mix of training sessions and anecdotes of adventures, milestones and other mishaps.


MEmoticons: the mini ME, the many MEs and the Real ME:

Many people…young till whatever age… are trying to go through this 1 life and be who they want to be and what they want to be. Whatever that is…and basically, try to F*** other peoples’ expectations, what other people think and live their lives based on their individual needs and desires. Family, culture, society, the economy…all seem to have more control on what each of us should be and do. These podcasts give hope to those who are looking for the ME. To let them know that there is no perfect recipe, no right or wrong way…just a way. But, but that many of us are trying to get there too…and even if we end up with Many MEs, who cares? As long as you are giving it the best shot you’ve got!

Join Desiree Beekharry of Writer on the Web, talks to those who have made it and those who are on their way…