Project completed! But the journey has just begun…

There is something incredibly satisfying about completing a personal project…and this project was incredibly special. The project MEmoticons:the mini ME, the mini MEs & the real ME was inspired by a dear colleague who I can also call a friend. She suggested to me that many people are lost…not geographically of course. Lost in the way that we are all doing it so tough in trying to get to the ME…

When I was scoping the podcast and running it past some of the people I knew and those whom I didn’t and looking for volunteer participants – I was surprised how many people had been along this path. We don’t just wake up thinking and knowing that we are looking for this me or wondering how many versions of ME there are…but as I was recording these interviews and hearing the stories – I realised that so many of us are on the journey.

Each one of their stories was so different, so touching, so colourful and with challenges that some of us are happy never to have faced ever. What I find the most common is that this one life that we have whilst I hope brings about many acts of kindness, of love, of courage and of selflessness – this life also delivers blows after blows to us. Blows that we each have to grin and bear…often in silence. We don’t need to suffer in silence – and I know that many people are doing it worse much worse and think they have no hope.

I urge all those who get to read my words and hear the podcasts, all those who know someone who is “doing it tough” especially in their mental wellbeing to please offer a helping hand. Look out for one another…we may not have the solution but we can probably find a way to to look for solutions. And for you my fellow human, if no one else is ready to listen and hear you – I am here…tell me your story. A problem shared is a problem halved!

Those courageous 8 who shared their journey with me taught me the beauty of humility…and for that, I toast to you!

Big love, Desiree