We are an online publishing site with no frills. We offer writers the opportunity to publish online without the increased cost of self-publishing, marketing and sales.

Who we reach?

Any member of the public writes, who has written and wants to publish. What they write, how they write and how well they write is for the readers and subscribers to appreciate.

Who should advertise with us?

The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Literary groups;
  • Book clubs;
  • Traditional publishers;
  • Literary events organisers;
  • Published authors;
  • Writers’ & Readers’ associations;
  • Book retailers;
  • Libraries;
  • Creative Writing Centers;
  • Writing course providers;
  • Writing Workshop organisers;
  • Translators;
  • Proofreaders;
  • Graphic designers;
  • Illustrators etc

Please contact us on: info@writerontheweb.com