Run Desi Run 7: F**k the voices in my head…

It is no easy feat training for a long distance run…It is especially challenging when you carry a bunch of voices in your head for the ride. How does Desi get rid of these voices…find out and this podcast.




Run Desi Run 5: Keep passing the open windows…

When the s**** hits the fan, it makes a phenomenal mess. Follow Desi as she continues her running and cleans up the mess.

Keep passing the open windows…

S1 Ep5


Run Desi Run 2: There’s a lot to be said about curves

The shape of a woman…myth, mystery, opinion, nature, beauty or all the above and more.

Episode 2

There's a lot to be said about curves


Run Desi Run 4: Food Glorious Food

Desi trains but has to eat. So what do we eat when training? And really, does it all have to be all about high fibre and carb load without fun?? See what she has to say…