Welcome to the Writer on the Web professional workshop series.

Writer on the Web provides free workshops to women in the community in the fields of:

Project Management, Program Management, Risk Management and Conflict Management. These workshops are designed to offer participants an introduction to the topic, the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and the fundamentals of these fields.

These free workshops are aimed at women with limited funds who have had long maternity breaks, housewives who want to return to work, women who have lost confidence in themselves, women who have had no formal training and want to learn something as a starting block to formal learning, migrant women who have just arrived and women who have had various challenges and want to take these next steps to getting into the workforce.

For women with non-English speaking backgrounds, Writer on the Web offers Business English and English as a Second Language (ESOL).

I offer these workshops because I feel that it is time to give back to my community.  Also because when I look back on my own journey as a woman in the workforce and the challenges I encountered along the way, I recognise that I could have benefitted from something similar.

For more information on upcoming workshops get in touch