We are currently calling for submissions for written pieces to be published on our site.

There are great writers out there. You are one of them that I have not read yet. How often have you tried to get published? How many publishers have you sent your manuscript to? How many times have you pitched your story? How many times have you looked at the “Start-to-Publish” process and felt completely overwhelmed and almost defeated?

This site does not promise you publication riches. Nor worldwide readership by millions in several languages.It does, however, allow you to publish your work. Even if one person reads it, it is one more person’s life that you have touched. Possibly changed. So start by changing one life.

Tell your story.


If you have a fiction or non-fiction written piece you’d like to submit to us for publication on Writer on the Web we’d love to read it.

Please email info@writerontheweb.com and put the word “submission” in the subject field.

Alternatively please use the form below: